Wine property consortium in Champagne from €30,000

Wine property consortium from €4,000

Investing in wine production has proven to be a sound diversification method available to everyone!

Indeed, French wineries are world-renowned for their quality and status. The most prestigious vineyards located in the Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne regions will always be highly sought after.

The average price per hectare of a vineyard with designation of origin status has witnessed a significant increase especially in the last 10 years. The wine market escaped the crisis relatively unscathed and it remains attractive for the vast majority of investors. Furthermore, the level of risk involved in this type of investment is relatively low.

Investments in wine production therefore remain a tangible property investment that combines profit with pleasure.

Vineyard property (price on request)

We can perform an individualised study in order to offer you an exceptional investment opportunity.


Despite all care taken in selecting and managing investments in wine production, you may still lose all or part of your investment. The changes in value in previous years are not indicative of changes in the future. Moreover, the return is not guaranteed and is dependent on weather conditions and the health of plants.


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