Wine land grouping in Champagne from 30 000€.

Today, wine investment is proving to be a quality diversification accessible to all!

Indeed, French wine estates are recognised throughout the world for their quality and prestige. The most prestigious vineyard plots located in the Bordeaux region, Burgundy and Champagne will always be in demand.

The average price per hectare of AOC vines has been rising steadily for almost 10 years now. Escaping the crisis, the wine market remains attractive to almost all investors. Moreover, the risk level of this type of investment is relatively low.

Wine investment therefore remains a means of investing in a tangible asset that combines pleasure and profitability.

Despite the care taken in its selection and management, wine assets always present a risk of capital loss and the evolution of its value over the past years does not prejudge its future evolution. Moreover, the yield is not guaranteed and may be subject to climatic and phytosanitary hazards.