Why invest in North America?

The United States is the land of opportunity, especially as real estate is undergoing a recovery after the damage caused by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

From large coastal metropolises to inland cities, the available properties are scarce for both purchasers and tenants. This scarcity has provoked a bidding war on the market. The historically low ownership rate has created a lot of interest in renting, thus unleashing fierce competition for obtaining a lease.

Though not linear, American growth is continuing its upward trend as confirmed by several healthy economic figures. On the back of a significant rebound in manufacturing and mining industries, industrial production has grown, and according to several indicators, consumer confidence in real estate is now recovering thanks to a large rise in buying intentions in the US.

We are also present in : Asia/Pacific and Europe


Main risk factors: properties may lose value due to fluctuations in the property market. There is also a currency risk because the majority of investments are overseas.


Montreal, $1 500 000

Maison Montréal

Montreal, $415 465

Maison Montréal

Quebec, $258,000, return of 3.2%

Property Investment Canada

New York, $600,000

Property Investment USA

Miami, $2,995,000

Immobilier Investissement Etats-Unis

Miami, $1,999,000

Property Investment USA

Atlanta, $135,500, return of 8%

Property Investment USA

Orlando, $169,900, return of 6.7%

Property Investment USA

Quebec, $412,000, return of 4%

Investment Québec