Katleya Gestion Société indépendante spécialisée dans
le conseil en investissement financier
et la gestion de portefeuille.
Indépendance Expertise Durabilité
Katleya Gestion Patience, réflexion, ténacité et discernement.
Connaissance du monde de la finance.
Expérience des techniques boursières.
Indépendance Expertise Durablité
Katleya Gestion Un patrimoine diversifié.
Les relations basées sur la confiance,
la durée et la disponibilité.
Indépendance Expertise Durablité


KATLEYA GESTION S.A. is an independent management company established in Geneva since 2005 by Didier Maurin. The company offers a range of carefully selected investments adapted to the international economic situation, notably in international real estate, vineyards, forests, nursing homes and private equity.

Our offer is addressed to private investors in the form of a discretionary management mandate giving access to all our services.

We have built our reputation on our knowledge of the financial world and on our experience in optimization in order to identify the best opportunities of the moment.

With KATLEYA GESTION S.A., your assets are preserved, diversified and protected from isolated economic jolts. The relationships we maintain with our clients are based on trust, duration and availability.

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We are an independent company specialising in financial advisory and portfolio management. We have deliberately selected a limited panel of investments to present the opportunities we consider the best and offer personalized advice taking into account our clients’ objectives through a wide range of investment solutions.

Wealth management requires patience, reflection, tenacity and judgment. We have built our reputation on our knowledge of the world of finance and our experience of stock market techniques. We identify stocks with high growth potential in a changing global economy and the best opportunities of the moment. We have partnered with many institutions and help our clients choose the best performing financial products from a top-of-the-range selection.

Wealth management requires diversification in order to preserve and grow your assets. We favour transactions that offer an attractive return rather than a short-term tax exemption. We maintain a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and our continuous availability.


The Katleya Gestion discretionary mandate is adapted to different investor profiles:

Prudent – Balanced – Dynamic

Wineries investing

Wineries investing

French wineries are recognized throughout the world for their quality and prestige.

Forest land investing

Forest land investing

Investing in the exploitation of high quality forests is an accessible, tangible and sustainable investment.

Private equity

Private Equity

Worldwide investment in companies specializing in various fields.

International real estate

International real estate

Access to real estate assets benefiting from a geographical and sectoral allocation throughout the world.

Medicalized Retirements Homes

Medicalized Retirements Homes

Investment in the development of medicalized residences or senior residences.






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